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IE_Exp_Psion_TextEd_Sniffer Class Reference

#include <ie_exp_Psion.h>

Inheritance diagram for IE_Exp_Psion_TextEd_Sniffer:

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Detailed Description

Sniffer class for Psion TextEd files

This sniffer class is specific for Psion TextEd files. It does not extend the basic IE_ExpSniffer class.

Definition at line 61 of file ie_exp_Psion.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual UT_Error constructExporter (PD_Document *pDocument, IE_Exp **ppie)
UT_uint32 count ()
virtual bool equal (UT_AbiObject *other) const
bool getCanCopy () const
virtual bool getDlgLabels (const char **szDesc, const char **szSuffixList, IEFileType *ft)
IEFileType getFileType () const
virtual UT_uint32 hashcode () const
 IE_Exp_Psion_TextEd_Sniffer (const char *name)
const UT_UTF8String & name () const
virtual bool recognizeSuffix (const char *szSuffix)
UT_uint32 ref ()
void sink ()
bool supportsFileType (IEFileType type)
virtual UT_Confidence_t supportsMIME (const char *szMIME)
UT_uint32 unref ()

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