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IE_Exp_Psion_Word Class Reference

#include <ie_exp_Psion.h>

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Detailed Description

Exporter Class for Psion Word files.

The only method which this class overrides is the _constructListener method, that is made to return a listener of type PL_Psion_Word_Listener.

Definition at line 246 of file ie_exp_Psion.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual UT_Error copyToBuffer (PD_DocumentRange *pDocRange, UT_ByteBuf *pBuf)
UT_Confidence_t getFidelity () const
virtual char * getFileName (void)
const UT_UTF8String * getProperty (const char *key)
 IE_Exp_Psion_Word (PD_Document *pDocument)
bool isCopying () const
virtual char rewindChar (void)
void setProps (const char *props)
void write (const UT_String &inStr)
virtual void write (const char *sz, UT_uint32 length)
virtual void write (const char *sz)
UT_Error writeFile (const char *szFilename)

Static Public Member Functions

static UT_Error constructExporter (PD_Document *pDocument, const char *szFilename, IEFileType ieft, IE_Exp **ppie, IEFileType *pieft=NULL)
static const char * descriptionForFileType (IEFileType ieft)
static bool enumerateDlgLabels (UT_uint32 ndx, const char **pszDesc, const char **pszSuffixList, IEFileType *ft)
static IEFileType fileTypeForDescription (const char *szSuffix)
static IEFileType fileTypeForSuffix (const char *szSuffix)
static IEFileType fileTypeForSuffixes (const char *suffixList)
static UT_uint32 getExporterCount (void)
static void registerExporter (IE_ExpSniffer *)
static IE_ExpSniffer * snifferForFileType (IEFileType ieft)
static const char * suffixesForFileType (IEFileType ieft)
static void unregisterAllExporters ()
static void unregisterExporter (IE_ExpSniffer *)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void _abortFile (void)
void _cancelExport ()
virtual bool _closeFile (void)
virtual PL_Psion_Listener_constructListener (void)
virtual bool _openFile (const char *szFilename)
virtual bool _writeBytes (const UT_Byte *sz)
virtual UT_uint32 _writeBytes (const UT_Byte *pBytes, UT_uint32 length)
virtual UT_Error _writeDocument (void)
PD_DocumentgetDoc () const
PD_DocumentRangegetDocRange () const

Protected Attributes

bool m_error

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