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OpenWriter_Stream_Listener Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for OpenWriter_Stream_Listener:

OpenWriter_ContentStream_Listener OpenWriter_MetaStream_Listener OpenWriter_SettingsStream_Listener OpenWriter_StylesStream_Listener

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Detailed Description

Baseclass for all OpenWriter listeners, basically a shim class to expose a GetDocument() and a GetImporter() method

Definition at line 657 of file ie_imp_OpenWriter.cpp.

Public Member Functions

virtual void charData (const XML_Char *buffer, int length)=0
virtual void endElement (const XML_Char *name)=0
virtual void startElement (const XML_Char *name, const XML_Char **atts)=0

Protected Member Functions

PD_DocumentgetDocument () const
IE_Imp_OpenWritergetImporter () const
 OpenWriter_Stream_Listener (IE_Imp_OpenWriter *importer)

Private Attributes


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