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pf_Frag_Strux_SectionEndFrame Class Reference

#include <pf_Frag_Strux_Section.h>

Inheritance diagram for pf_Frag_Strux_SectionEndFrame:

pf_Frag_Strux pf_Frag

List of all members.

Detailed Description

pf_Frag_Strux_SectionEndFrame represents structure information for a EndFrame section in the document.

Definition at line 108 of file pf_Frag_Strux_Section.h.

Public Types

enum  _PFType {
  PFT_Text, PFT_Object, PFT_Strux, PFT_EndOfDoc,
typedef enum pf_Frag::_PFType PFType

Public Member Functions

virtual bool createSpecialChangeRecord (PX_ChangeRecord **ppcr, PT_DocPosition dpos) const
fd_FieldgetField (void)
PL_StruxFmtHandle getFmtHandle (PL_ListenerId lid) const
PT_AttrPropIndex getIndexAP (void) const
UT_uint32 getLength (void) const
pf_FraggetNext (void) const
pt_PieceTable * getPieceTable (void)
PT_DocPosition getPos (void) const
pf_FraggetPrev (void) const
PTStruxType getStruxType (void) const
PFType getType (void) const
bool isContentEqual (const pf_Frag &f2) const
bool operator== (const pf_Frag &f2) const
 pf_Frag_Strux_SectionEndFrame (pt_PieceTable *pPT, PT_AttrPropIndex indexAP)
bool setFmtHandle (PL_ListenerId lid, PL_StruxFmtHandle sfh)
virtual void setIndexAP (PT_AttrPropIndex indexNewAP)
pf_FragsetNext (pf_Frag *pNext)
void setPos (PT_DocPosition pos) const
pf_FragsetPrev (pf_Frag *pPrev)

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool _isContentEqual (const pf_Frag &f2) const

Protected Attributes

PT_AttrPropIndex m_indexAP
UT_uint32 m_length
pt_PieceTable * m_pPieceTable
PTStruxType m_struxType
PFType m_type
UT_Vector m_vecFmtHandle

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